what happened to Mick Bird?

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What ever happened to Mick Bird and his attempt to row around the world?

-- Tony Lambert (tony.lambert@yellowbook.com), August 15, 2003


I was friends with Mick years ago back in Nashville where he was coming up with his original rowing trip, Brownsville to Sault Ste. Marie- or vice versa, he hadn't decided on a direction at the time. We used to mull over the pros and cons of rowing vs. kayaking. He was a major inspiration for me to ride my bicycle solo to Alaska. He's just a great guy. On to what I know concerning what happened. Somewhere on the net I read an account, that he was driving somewhere with his twin girls,5, in the backseat, and realized that he didn't want to be away from them anymore. As a father of a 3 y/o daughter I completely understand. I haven't been able to come up with any more info. In fact, when I first began trying to find out what happened the guy from the sponsoring website, GOALS, asked me to keep him posted if I found out anything.

-- Greg Redmond (g_red32@hotmail.com), November 25, 2003.

I'm a good friend of Mick's and the above account is basically what happened. He made it more than half way around the earth before he realized there was a family that needed him more than he needed to finish the trip.

-- Todd Robinson (todd.robinson@charter.net), February 14, 2004.

Long Live Mick!

I am so glad to know Mick 'made it'. That is, he found what was most important to himself in the world and 'went there'. I have been wondering what happened of him for some time, asking several people who unfortunately thought the worst.

As for the rest of us, I hope we are as fortunate to find for ourselves what our lives are really about.

Mick, please tell the world you are OK, or least give us an update on your boat.

Best Regards,

Dan McDermott dmcdermott@geneticprofiles.com

-- Dan McDermott (dmcdermott@geneticprofiles.com), November 05, 2004.

Hey, does anyone have Mick's or Stacia's email? I will be in LA next month and want to hook up with them. Thanks for the help...

-- David Habig (dlhabig@aol.com), December 20, 2004.

Mick is quite a guy. I first took note of him when CBS ran that piece on him. He as just starting his first leg from Cal. to Hawaii. I followed his quest from day one all the way till he stopped at Indonisia... We would exchange email and at one time I had his home phone number. I did support his journey with a little financial help and he put my name on Reach his boat... Have lost all contact with Mick and I too wonder what the heck happened to him. Wish he would at least drop me a note. I am in the Denver Co. area. Hey yo Mick, what's up?

-- pat mucciante (papapat@webtv.net), January 04, 2005.

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