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For anyone interested in modeling the C&WC and their depots,Mountaineer Precision Products just announced on the Central of Georgia Yahoo list that they intend to release a model of a Central of Georgia Class C Depot. While field measurements are still needed for confirmation, based on a study of photographs and dimensions obtained from C&WC valuation maps, the C&WC's rural/small town depots appear to be based on the CofG Class C design. (Note-field measurements taken from the larger C&WC depots have matched the dimensions of CofG Class B depots.) The use of the CofG depot designs may be a holdover from days when the CofG controlled the Port Royal & Augusta Rwy (C&WC predecessor). Regardless, C&WC modelers (if there are any) now have options for modeling depots. Thanks.

Buddy Hill

-- Buddy Hill (, August 14, 2003

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