**** Anyone know where I can get a sidestand? *****

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HELP! I live in the UK and just when the weather turns good my sidestand SNAPS OFF! The UK importer recons it may take anything up to 3 months to get a new one. Does anyone have an MV they are breaking or racing and want to sell the stand? At this rate I'll probably get back on the road in time for it to snow again. As an aside the only explaination the dealer could offer is that the stand may have been weakened by idiots sitting on the bike with the stand down in the showroom. As its made of alluminium rather than the more usual steel its not as strong. It snapped off at the inner lug at the top of the stand. Worth a look for cracks if you're buying one. Thanks, Sean A.

-- Sean Astley (AstleySean@aol.com), August 14, 2003


Good day my friend, yes i do have one that is perfect, no damage to it at all. Would you like the stand alone or the whole thing(switch and mount)? How much was the dealer going to charge you? THis one is a take off from my ORO which i've put on a billet stand that i made myself. Let me know Sean.

-- kevin justin and nicoli (crystalscan4@hotmail.com), August 16, 2003.

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