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I would like to possibly do a translation of L'Arrache-coeur into English, and can't quite figure out from surfing this site if an English edition still exists, and if so, if an American English translation exists. If any Vian fans out there could either encourage or discourage me, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks-- Chris Sharp From Paris

-- Chris J. Sharp (, August 14, 2003


L'Arrache Coeur was translated by Stanley Chapman and there is an edition with a foreword by the American John Sturrock.

Go here to find it second hand.

Or amazon - also there is a new edition coming our from the Dalkey Archive press. (Also at Amazon).

John Sturrock gave me permission to reprint his foreword here:

The translation is English English.

No "American English" version is available that I know of, although it would be hard to imagine it would be much different.

Unlike Chapman's Froth on the Daydream, which transliterates L'Ecume freely, this translation is much more located in the french house and village. - there are few cultural references to change into "english" or American ones.

I believe Paris is hot at the moment - Ithe weather, that is.

Stay cool.


-- Robert Whyte (, August 14, 2003.

Dalkey Archive Press will release Chapman's version in the US Winter, 2004.

-- Jeremy Barker (, October 19, 2003.

Actually the Darkey Archive edition is out now! YEAH!

-- Tosh Berman (, October 25, 2003.

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