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I have a espresso shop built on a trailer in 2000 it is in great shape located in wyoming you would have to haul already has a hitch everything included except refridgerator 7,000

-- bowdie mcbeth (, August 12, 2003


Hello, I am interested in your trailer. Could you please email me any more info you have. Pictures, Equipment, is it ready to start a biz right away? All info would be great

thanks mike

-- Mike Ryan (, August 13, 2003.

Please provide photos, size, specs, equipment included, age of all, etc. Thanks!

-- Scott McKay (, August 14, 2003.

Still for sale? I am very interested. please email information ASAP!

-- Mary Salgado (, August 18, 2003.

Wyoming? Perfect!!! Still available? Please send pics and information! Thank you!

-- Tam McAnelly (, August 20, 2003.

hopefully all my pictures are coming through for you guys, i am kind of new a emailing pictures if not call me at my cell phone 307-421- 9603

-- bowdie mcbeth (, August 21, 2003.

Please let me know if this is still available. I am very interested. Please e-mail picutures if it still is available. Thank You!

-- Misty Brines (, September 06, 2003.

Wow, looks like you had a lot of questions on you mobile shope. If it is still available I would like to see some photos and a list of all equipment with the manufactured year of the equipment. Thanks, Donna

-- Donna Schmidt (, September 22, 2003.

Interested in trailer. Please send photos and sales information. Thank you.

-- Vince (, December 15, 2003.

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