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I have a small but popular Floral Shop called Ivy Gardens in Murrieta, California and we were thinking about opening up a little coffee shop on one of my cottges. My whole thing that i wana create is when people come in they can come to the coffee shop have a ice blended mocha or a cup of their favorite coffee and they can sit down and read the paper or for the ladies they can watch Martha Stewart. If anybody has a place where we can buy some coffe supplies. If you can e-mail me at that would be great. Thanks alot.

Jill G. and the rest of the gang at Ivy Gardens

-- Jill (, August 11, 2003


I have an AWESOME MOBILE COFFEE CART/kiosk for sale that would be perfect...Martha Stewart here you come. Trendiness is where it's at. Make your own mochas or chai tea, whatever the customer desires. Fun and lucrative. Email for more info and pictues.

-- Robert Moore (, December 09, 2003.

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