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Surfing Railfan's ABPR the past several days has netted me a number of links for a variety of passenger cars, but two shots in particular are proving to be of interest to me...

Does anyone know if the cars shown in the photos (links below) are two of the 48-seat cars that the Central of Georgia rebuilt from the 540 - series coaches, numbers 670 - 672 that were sold to Algoma Central?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, August 11, 2003


I have my answer...

I had some trouble finding the Surviving Equipment page but once I did I found that Ralph Justin had posted back at the end of July that both 541 and 542 were indeed being used with Milwaukee Road 261 so I have my answer.

Now, does anyone have diagrams or photos of the other side of these cars? I am wanting to do a drawing of this series of cars but need the other side...

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, August 11, 2003.

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