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Looking for the ESCO stop & limit Switch assembly (3-376-137). Do these parts break down to separate components? If so, does anyone have the P/N?

-- Darcy Douglas (, August 11, 2003


Hi Darcy The car top selector that I think you are looking for were either A5- A6L-A7-A8-AZ-A8MD-A9 depending on vintage and features, these were the banding tape selectors that worked better than they looked or sounded. Its a good idea to get a white paint pen and mark all the plastic strickers locations on the tape because if there is a wipe out its tough to layout again. These individual parts can be bought from a number of sources like SEES page MS-12 1800-526-0026 and I think also Certified might have these. PS WHAT IS OTIS GOING TO CALL AMTECH AFTER THEY PURCHASE IT. JIm

-- Jim (, August 11, 2003.

What else will can they call will be Otis elevator company.....thats what OTIS (UTC) seems to be doing is buying other competitors and sacking most of the staff.

-- dayle (, August 22, 2003.

Dayle - We are much friendlier here in Canada. We keep everyone, just lower their wages so they can still around a case of beer :)

Thanks for the responses. I spoke with SEES, got some of what I needed to get me out of the jam.

-- D. Douglas (, August 22, 2003.

You might try Tepco in Colorado. At one point they had a few of these "strikers" for taped ESCO selectors. I have a couple of peices of paper with some info on them if you are interested. Your best bet would be to go with an aftermarket company that makes tape selector retro-fits. It's a good (minimal) investment. Get a qualified elevator mechanic to iunstall for you and it will eliminate some of your trouble.

good luck

-- dave (, August 25, 2003.

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