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I just came in some 10 minutes ago. I went to see a production of Hamlet in the Greenwich Theatre Gardens in London. My God, it was SHIT. Myself, and my excellent good friend, Sarah, left at the interval, which occured after III.iii. I had no desire to stay for the ten minute intermission and watch my favourite scene of the play - the closet scene. We just had to get away. My ticket was thankfully only six pounds. Less than my train fare. Bye!

-- Patrick Walker (the_right_hand_of_doom@msn.com), August 08, 2003


Whew! So sorry to hear that, Patrick! Man, there is nothing worse than a bad Hamlet, eh? As someone who saw the Kent U. production last year, I sympathise. That was a total load of crap, that was.

Go on - give the gory details! How shitty was it?!

-- Casey (mikken@neo.rr.com), August 09, 2003.

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