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Sort of a rediculous question, but I'm curious: It seems that the newer, more powerful version of the MV motor should be able to lift the front wheel of the ground fairly eaisily.(at least in 1st gear) Is this true, or is 1st gear too tall or is there too much weight over the front end to do this?


-- ben (ben_kifle@yahoo.com), August 07, 2003


They better be able to cause my stock 2001 1+1 has done it =)

-- Robbie (rpaggen@hotmail.com), August 07, 2003.

Yes absolutely, I have a 2001 1+1 and power mono's are pretty easy. Not as easy as a Duc 996 but non the less easy...advise is though do them in second or third as first can get a bit twitchy above 8000RPM...

-- Dave Strahand (strazer@optushome.com.au), August 16, 2003.

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