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here are some things to compare with each other,it comes from dutch magazines. laptimes assen,short circuit. F4 s 2001 132.5 F4 1+1 2002 130.6 SPR 130.4 the test driver said the spr is much better handling and more powerfull.but laptime is almost the same compared to the evo 02.

the 2000 F4 s was measuard at 126 hp at the crank 2003 129 hp at the crank spr 120 hp at the back wheel

top speed of the 2000 and 2003 version is almost the same; 268 for the 2000 model and 267 for the evo 03. on accelaration the 2000 model is slightly faster,only in midrange(80-120,120-160)is the evo 03 more powerfull.

off course this only dry statistics,but as you can see there is not much differance between the bikes.oh by the way,just saw the first brutale on the road today,wonderfull bike.MV is back!!!

-- frans tuin (, August 07, 2003

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