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I go out for a little 50 mile ride this evening,pull up to a stop sign and smell coolant. When I got home I removed the side fairing and find coolant leaking from the overflow and from the weep hole on the waterpump.My question is for those who have had this problem. Is it just the O rings that need replaced or the complete waterpump. My bike is still under warranty but the dealer is 250 miles away.If all I need is the o rings I will do it myself. Thanks,Curt

-- Curt McMillion (ytry@charter.net), August 06, 2003


Dealer sold me a new waterpump and told me the rebuild kit is non existant. Expect to pay @$345 for complete unit. I was told there is a seal to replace but could not find one Bob

-- Bob (rlburdick@yahoo.com), August 06, 2003.

... it has nothing to do with ur water pump ... when it gets really hot... it over flowed ... thats all ... our group has 4 MV's ...and they all do that when we get stuck in traffic during this hot weather ... enjoy riding ... MIKE

-- mike nguyen (valexus1@yahoo.com), August 06, 2003.

I understand about the overflow,but I am concerned abot the leak from the waterpump.

-- Curt McMillion (ytry@charter.net), August 06, 2003.

Here in Australia we get very hot weather conditions and it is true that when the bikes get very hot (over 100 deg c) coolant can leak out the radiator cap overflow. We advise all our clients to run the coolant at the lower level in the header tank.

We have also noticed that some coolant may leak from the water pump seal after the engine has been switched off for a while. Usually this appears as a small dribble (less than a tea spoon size) on the ground the next morning. The coolant escapes from the small inspection hole in the body of the pump. If this is happening you will need to replace the water pump seal inside the pump.

If oil weaps from the same hole, them the oil seal is obviously blown. The hole is there so you can identify any problems inside the pump. Aprilia use a similar design.

We have all seals in stock. The water pump seal (part number 800081236) costs about Aus$45.00. And yes we will do this under warranty for our clients.

-- Scot Walker (scot@swm.com.au), August 06, 2003.

My water pump leaked in the first 100 miles of easy break in riding. My dealer is over 200 miles away, so I called in for a replacement. I recieved one a month later and replaced it myself. The seal was in question as well as the porosity of the aluminum casting. The new pump has worked without flaw, however the overflow does puke occasionally. The pump was an easy swap with proper tools and mechanical ability. The bike is a Senna, evo 2 motor for reference.

-- greg petersen (gntpete@nvbell.net), August 06, 2003.

Thanks for all your input. I called my dealer today and had them order me a new waterpump(warranty). I am going to keep a close eye on the fluid level and have the pump replaced this winter.

-- Curt McMillion (ytry@charter.net), August 07, 2003.

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