I want to see Titanic

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I would like to see this movie Titanic. I have been dieing to see it for a very long time. So help me so that i can see it. Thanks in anticipation.

-- Kizel Emmanuel (sweetkarlene19@yahoo.co.uk), August 06, 2003


I would like to watch this movie taitanic. I am for sure longing to see it.Thank you.

-- Sserunjogi Ismail (brightisma@yahoo.com), August 17, 2003.

ha ha ive seen it and got the dvd

-- looloo antic (pooloo@60yahoo.co.uk), August 17, 2003.

i love titatic movie because this movie is different for all movies.

-- parneet kaur (parneet-jaan@yahoo.co.in), November 27, 2003.

hola como estas te mando unos saludos

-- angel (sanyon_149@hotmail.com), September 15, 2004.

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