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I need to trace/convert the MV code "Senna Metal Anthracite PPG 0039" to a trade standard. I have been unable to sorce this from 3 cross and all paint shops I have tried dont recognise this code.... anybody help with this.

thanks Richard

-- Richard Hess (, August 06, 2003


I have just had the same problem with my f4 red this is because the code is a ppg code ppg are a paint manufacturer and they seem to be the only ones that make the stuff. I did get some for mine from a local car sprayer and when it came it was called Cagive (mv agusta) so check if it is down as Cagiva. Hope this helpd Les

-- Les Spragg (, August 06, 2003.

this is ppg tel and fax number they will tell you their nearest stockistsTel: (01449) 613161 Fax: (01449) 677161

-- Les Spragg (, August 06, 2003.

Greetings Richard,

A friend wanted to paint the lowers on his new R1 the same silver as my F4. The paint code given on a previous thread was useless to the paint shop. I found that many paint supply stores have color analyzers available to help create paint formulas. If you have a sample that can be removed and taken to one of these paint supply stores they may be able to scan and analyze the part to correctly match your paint. I know that PPG has such a device used by many auto paint professionals. I was able to get a paint color formula for an old Ferrari with such a device. Some fine tuning by tinting the clear coat can give a perfect match. If you choose to pursue this option itís important to use the skill of a good professional paint mixer as well as a skilled painter. If you donít know of one, check with your local Ferrari, Mercedes Benz or any top end auto dealer for a paint shop recommendation.

-- Tim W (, August 08, 2003.


You've scratched it already - you've only had it a couple of weeks!!!!

Had the same problem - spent a lot of time trying to source some paint, but learnt that the paint was mixed by PPG Italy just for the Senna and they won't release the formula, even to PPG UK!

Due to a couple of very minor mis-haps (if they hadn't been to an MV, I wouldn't have even worried about it) I've had to have both lowers "blown over" - luckily the scuffs were well away from any graphics. On recommendation, I went to a paint shop near Heathrow and they managed a perfect match and ended up with a finish better than new! I don't have the number on me, but if you want it, contact me and I'll dig it out.

Hope this helps.

-- Senna 026 (, August 08, 2003.

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