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I am planning to row from Kaosiung, southern Taiwan, along the coast to Taipei, a distance of approximately 544 Miles. I have never rowed anything before. 1. I need advice as to what sort of boat to use. I would prefer a cayak, but I am open for advice.

2. Is there anything about navigation which I need to know, or could i just keep the coast in sight and follow the coast line? 3. I am planning to stop at the end of each day adn sleep on shore. But if i did want to sleep at sea, how is that accomplished?

-- antonio graceffo (, August 05, 2003


Your ambition is admirable, but I must say, you sound inexperienced in matters of basic seamanship and coastal navigation. Taking on such a long trip without first gaining basic skills and experience is risky and likely to fail. I would advise, first get some basic training, then try a short trip, then a longer one, and then a longer one and so on.

-- Kim Apel (, August 06, 2003.

I have traversed that shoreline, except in a 515ft. US Navy ship--it is pretty rough and the shoreline can be pretty unforgiving. I would first drive parts of it, check it out via charts and weather and look for potential places to put in--landing in the surf on a rocky shoreline in area of no population is not going to be fun. Also, certain times of the year would be suicide. Think and learn before you venture out--good luck in any case.

-- Doug Graef (, November 19, 2003.

First try to learn to row:, Good luck and let us now if it succeeded. greetings

-- Tonny (, June 22, 2004.

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