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My mother-in-law (76) had a knee replacement in November 2001. Since her surgery and physio-therapy her pain has been excruciating. Her knee is extremely sensitive to the touch and is constant even when sitting. Her shins are painful and she is unable to stand for any length of time. She has been prescribed various forms of painkillers, gone through "pain management" had the knee x-rayed (and pronounced sound)and is now on a steady diet of Tylenol.

Unfortunately she is reaching a psychological threshold that is cause for concern.

Can any one suggest a course of action that would give some hope.

-- Eric Forsyth (, August 05, 2003


It sound like she might have reflex sympathetic dystrophy. This is a rare complication and can occur after any major surgery. If this diagnosis has not been considered, I suggest that you contact her caregiver and ask that she be worked up for this possibility.

-- David Hungerford (, August 06, 2003.

Thank you David for your helpful suggestion. Having visited a couple of websites dealing with the condition there certainly seems to be reason to explore this further. I will recommend to her that she discuss this with the physician who is coordinating her pain management. If you have any guidance in this regard it would be greatly appreciated.

-- Eric Forsyth (, August 07, 2003.

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