I had the best lasagna tonight.

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Well I made lasagna tonight. I took fresh tomatoes, put them in the blender, along with garlic powder, italian spice, a little sugar, onion powder and salt. Blended well. Then I used the new lasagna noodles that don't need to be boiled, and layered them with the sauce, chard, homemade goat cheese, mozzarela, and precooked ground beef. This was great lasagna. It is amazing what fresh ingredients do for meals. Great cooking comes from great fresh food. Has anyone else cooked something memorable from farm fresh ingredients lately?

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), August 04, 2003


Pork stew with pork we butchered ourselves, well browned; newly canned potatoes and corn; dried tomatoes; salt and pepper. Simple, but very good with fresh home-grown ingredients.

-- Tabletop Homestead (tabletophomestead@earthlink.net), August 05, 2003.

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