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I have always wondered when and why the nose sr hearld was taken off ot sr cab units. I don,t believe any other southern road ever did this. I think the hearld looks great and the engines looked bare without them

-- drew rutherford (, August 03, 2003


The story always told to us on SR by the some of employees around Spencer at the time was that around 1957, an aspiring shop officer took it upon himself to have a F unit painted in a cost cutting style. That style was no herald, black instead of green, and stick- on lettering and striping. The stick-ons eliminated a yellow paint spraying and masking. He invited then Executive VP of Operations D.W. Brosnan to see the results and the projected savings. Brosnan liked it and it was implemented in stages. There were some further image changes during Brosnan's presidency, such as getting away from green as a corporate image color and sidelining the traditional herald for the crossbuck logo. Graham Claytor restored the tradional looks.

Ben Lee- Engineer- North Charlotte District

-- Ben Lee (, August 10, 2003.

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