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I am looking for info, photos, or text, or just memories of the Bulls Gap to Gate City line, circa World War II to mid-sixties. Esp. Bulls Gap yard and Surgoinsville station area. Thanks, George

-- George Courtney (, August 03, 2003


One stop south of your area, but here are a few memories of the 50s - 60s from Morristown. Don't remember anything green pulling a train. In the 50's F units. Though I won't swear to it I seem to remember as many as 5 or 6 Fs on occasion, although 2-4 was common. The only heavyweight I believe I remember was maroon, though it may not have been srr equipment (I did see a UP passwnger car once, but that was after the time of your interest). There is a picture of the GP7 (2185?) that was stationed in Bulls Gap, I'll look up the reference and post it - one of the few SRR GP7's with dynamic brakes - I saw it often switching downtown Morristown in the 50's, although I don't remember the number from the time - I thought is was a GP-9 due to the dynamic brakes. Would be interesed in seeing any info you collect.

-- Charles Lewis (, August 06, 2003.

The Citizen Tribune (TN Lakeway Regional Paper) had an article about the Bulls Gap Railroad Museum Association on August 30, 2003.

-- Charles Lewis (, September 01, 2003.

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