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I have just received a parcel in response to my SARN to Nationwide and a lot of the information has been blacked out. Can anyone tell me exactly what I have a right to know. Also, in their letter they say they have included information about my Accounts but they are unable to locate my Mortgage file. Is this delaying tactics? We gave them the account numbers and our previous addresses. They have been dealing with this case since they repossessed our house in 1996, which went through the SIF, trustee etc and we could write a book about their tactics and treatment - in fact we are building a website - (Nationwide - the truth). Should I tell them the names of the people who are currently dealing with the file as we have been trying to settle since repossession? I wish I had known of your website in the early 1990s!

-- Shirley (, July 30, 2003


Hi If they can't retrieve your mortgage file how can they prove a shortfall in a court of law??? Write and ask them to provide the information already requested and see what there response is. As I understand it they DO have to provide this information should the case come to court. Good luck

-- (, July 30, 2003.

If they are pursuing you for this shortfall have they sent you a letter chasing?

If they have simply send them a copy of the latest letter along with a cover letter making reference the SARN received(careful - acknowledgement).

If they have never sent you a letter then wait until they evenutally do and point the cml policy out to them, Nationwide are a member.

See other postings on this site regarding acknowledgement and also CML shortfall policy

Make sure you send any letter recorded delivery and get proof of post.

-- who (, July 30, 2003.


You ask about "exactly what I have a right to know", I will email you what I have found out so far from the IC in respect to this. I wouldn't raise your hopes too much about the 'mortgage file', usually the lender comes up with the goods in the end, especially if there is a court case in the offing.

You also mention you are building a website, I have it in mind to do the same as I have been writing to the Labour Government Treasury Minister Ruth Kelly regarding repossession and mortgage shortfall, and wish to display the useless (to put it politely) responses which I have received. The total lack of interest displayed by the Minister demonstrates what a bunch of hypocrites they really are. I think the title of the website will be something like "Labour Government Failure", "Mortgage Shortfall Victims Sold Down the River", hopefully this will appear alongside the Labour party website in time for the next general election. However, not having created a website before I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice ??


-- M Amos (, July 31, 2003.

Thanks for the replies. Sorry, I didn't make it very clear. Nationwide bankrupted up in 1998 after repossessing the house in 1996. The Stat. Demand was for 140,000. They lost the remaining balance in the bankruptcy. We have been trying to settle by buying the house back since then and they will not give us the correct figure. They agreed a figure of 130,000 after we contacted the Ombudsman but backed out when we had the funds in place.They received at least 50k from the SIF in compensation as the solicitor when we purchased the property failed to ensure an access. This amount should be deducted from the balance. We even had a meeting early this year and thought it would be settled but they just used it as a spying opportunity and still keep delaying response. They sold the house at auction originally in 2000 but did not mention 'no access'. The buyer would not complete. We know that if there is no contract of sale that we have the right to settle, but they refuse to confirm whether there is a contract or not. I wanted to know what information I am entitled to receive after looking through the papers last night there are several copies of accounts and procedure forms but most of the information is blacked out. Am I entitled to receive copies of letters from third parties, ie the SIF who were the ones who instigated the bankruptcy.

I SARN'd them recently in order to get some background info because of the deceitful way they have been dealing with things. I know who is dealing with it at this moment. Should I give the Data Admin dept this info? Thanks Shirley

-- Shirley (, July 31, 2003.


If you can get hold of a copy of Microsoft Publisher it's just a mixture of drag and drop with a little word processing. I think the Geocities (yahoo) sites have a wizard which is similar.


-- Sue (, July 31, 2003.


Thanks for that. I could do with a good wizard :).


-- M Amos (, July 31, 2003.

Mark .. What an excellent idea re. the website...I'll see if I can find a moving graphic of somebody playing the violin !!! Also,one of a 'Government Minister'passing the usual buck. That shouldn't be too hard to find should it?

As for a sound track - the raspberry sounds I've found so far are too quiet.


-- Joy (, July 31, 2003.

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