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To whom it may concern:

I am a nursing student at Wright State University. Part of my master's program is in a theory class. I am currently working on presentation that is about Madeleine Leininger. What I am having trouble finding is...Is there any speceific NIC/NOC classifications (i.e. ambulation) that addresses transcultural nursing or culture? I went to the University of Iowa's web page but was unable to specifically look up NIC/NOC classifications addressing this issus. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Nikki Holtke RN,BSN Wright State Univ. FNP student

-- nikki Holtke (, July 30, 2003


This infor may be late but I just logged on. Cultural brokerage, spiritual distress, social isolation, teaching individual, family process or coping ar ea few I think can accomodate a transcultural focus.

-- Christi Hazelton, RN-C, MA (, January 09, 2004.

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