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I have a question for all readers of this site. Are any of you being chased for a shortfall due to the total neglect of your partner (ex or otherwise), in that they flatly refused to pay the mortgage?

If so, what has been the outcome of your case with your lender.

-- Controversial (, July 28, 2003



Not entirely the same but my fiance was repossessed because he thought his ex-wife was paying the mortgage when she in fact wasn't. Unfortunately though they, and this may be the same in your case, both signed up for the mortgage and as such are both severally and jointly liable. To put it bluntly the banks/building societies don't care who did, didn't or couldn't pay, if you both signed you're both liable - unfair I know but that's the way the system works. However, on a lighter note since coming on to this site just over 12 month's ago and following the advice given my fiance has gone from being harrassed every day and every week at work, to not having heard now since last October.

-- Chris (, July 28, 2003.

Did your fiances ex-wife make empty promises to pay on a number of occassions, one of them being in the court hearing regarding the repossession?

-- Controversial (, July 28, 2003.


No it was just that while they were married she didn't actually pay the mortgage when she was supposed to.

It sounds like you have a much deeper situation than that of my fiance. If your ex-wife promised to pay in court and then didn't then your case is much more complicated than ours.

Have you asked for legal advice. There are many more on this site much more knowledgable than I but I also think you may need to speak to a solicitor about this. I know they are pricey but you can attend on a fixed fee if you need some straightforward advice.

Keep following the rest of the advice on this site too.

-- Chris (, July 29, 2003.

Hi again Chris,

The problem is with an ex-husband. I left, he stopped paying. I never offered to pay anything, verbal agreement with ex that he would pay mortgage. He offered to make payments in court - not me - and he wanted my name removed from mortgage. I had no interest in the house, I just wanted to sever all ties.

He also made a number of other offers to pay, but never did. I want to go to court to state these facts in front of a, hopefully, impartial body. There is no way that I will pay a penny towards this shortfall. As for my ex-husband, they can pursue him till he draws his last breath - I don't care, he deserves it.

Sorry, but I feel quite strongly that I am being hounded by these leeches when they should focus more attention on him!

This whole debacle has probably been made worse through employing a useless solicitor when I got divorced, they were told all the facts but obviously left it too late to get my name removed from the mortgage.

There is more, but posting it will not clarify the situation anymore.


Stiffed By Ex

-- Controversial (, July 29, 2003.

it isnt that easy to have your name removed from a mortgage.

THink about it - if a lender has both your signatures on the deed why would they release one of them to make the mortgage a higher risk - lenders know that when someone wants to leave the relationship it puts tremendous income strain on the remaining occupier.

it is definitely not fair but they are 'legally entitled to do so' a lot of this is down to solicitors not providing people with sound advice before they sign their mortgage offers in the first place!

Also courts dont have the power to remove a person from a deed it is a lenders financial decission.


-- who (, July 29, 2003.

Yes sorry that is absolutely true. I understand your anger and your frustration but follow all the advice on this site. You have to have both of your signatures to be released from the mortgage and, as stated, the financial institution are not going to do this because the property was repossessed and they can chase both of you for the money now (how nice of them). Check out time limitations, use the letters as advised on this site. By following the advice given here my fiance has gone from being hounded on a daily basis by mail and telephone to not having heard since October 2002. Try and let go of some of the bitterness and anger towards your ex (I know it's hard) and concentrate on getting your own side of it sorted. Believe me both my fiance and I know about terrible exes but don't focus on this, sort yourself out, just follow the Do's & Dont's section. There are loads of good, helpful and supportive people on this site with plenty of knowledge. Let us know all the circumstances and what stage you are at fighting the financial side, i.e. how many years and when repo took place etc. etc. then we can start from the beginning and work towards an end for you!

-- Chris (, July 30, 2003.


Before reading any further, I would like to say that the following comments are not in any way meant to cause offence to the people of this site.

From what you have said, all I can do is follow the information and advice provided on this site (which I'm doing) and hope that eventually the Woolwich and their pathetic puppets will move on to some other poor unfortunate? I have to put up with worrying about what will come through the letter box at the weekend? Is it best to just throw their letters in the bin and totally ignore them, this is like a very bad dream and I would really like to wake up from it.

This site has been a God send to me, I have learnt so much over the past year about how crooked the people that you trust with your money really are. If you or I did any of this we would be serving time now!

If you really want to know the whole story, I will email it to you. I don't see that it would help everyone here but it will help you understand the bitterness and anger.


Stiffed By Ex.

-- Stiffed_By_Ex (, July 30, 2003.


If your e-mail address is the one on the website you publish I will gladly send you an e-mail with my own address in it. I don't use it on site as I use a work address. If you feel like talking I am happy to listen (in the written sense obviously). I will gladly share stories with you and help all I can, unfortunately everything you say above is absolutely true but they financial institutions don't care about the suffering they put you through and care even less about your personal circumstances. Let me know I am here Monday to Friday (except for next week when I have some time off).

-- Chris (, July 31, 2003.


Did you get the email I sent? If not, email me you address and I will try again.


Stiffed By Ex

-- Stiffed By Ex (, August 01, 2003.


I've sent you an e-mail through so you can send to my proper address. Hopefully we can sort problems out!

-- Chris (, August 01, 2003.

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