"Railroad Operations: United States and Canada" by Connelly

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In researching the history of various lines, the late William Edson's book "Railroad Names" is a real asset. I have a copy of the last edition in my library and make regular use of it. Recently, I was made aware of another book on the same basic subject matter authored by Eugene B. Connelly. Titled "Railroad Operations: United States and Canada", it is available, as I understand, only from Karen's Books and is priced at $140. This is a five-volume self-published work that is very extensive. I would appreciate any comments or description of Mr. Connelly's publication that this group could provide. I have never had the opportunity to examine a copy. In closing, I need to credit the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society's chat group for making me aware of this additional source and providing some information regarding it. Ed Faggart Lincolnton, NC

-- Ed Faggart (Emfag108@aol.com), July 26, 2003

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