who has used the Sivetz roaster? compared to drum roaster?

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I am thinking of getting the Sivetz for my next roaster. if you have used one them let me know your feelings.

-- john quigley (dbugg@getinline.com), July 26, 2003


A drum roaster contributes roasted nuts odour in cup whereas fludized bed roaster wont contribute this, it will give us buttery notes in cup which is liked by most of the coffee lovers. Drum roaster chars and tipping on beans will occur whereas it wont in fludized bed roaster. Drum roaster is cheaper, fludized is costlier. Of Course Fludized bed roaster is the best. It all depends on the likings of the consumer at last. If you have addicted people with drum roasted coffee, its better you go for the same.

-- deepak (deepak_ps2002@yahoo.com), August 12, 2003.

There are a variety of opinions about which method of roasting produces the better coffee. Personally, I far prefer drum roasting which takes more time than the fluid bed process but to my taste produces a more mature and well rounded flavor. The fluid bed process roasts quickly and highlights the "bright" notes of the particular bean. Contrary to the previous note "tipping" and "charring" need not take place in drum roasting. The result depends on the skill and attention of the roaster. I would advise roasting on both and sampling the results before making a decision. Good Luck.

-- David Gould (d2sgould@aol.com), December 17, 2003.

Well John - you have read the 2 previous answers - and there is truth in both of their reports. But what is causing you to want a Sivets in the first place??? Is it fluidized bed roating or is it that you have heard it is more easy? Or is it because you like dust and noise? And where do you plan on using this - in the customers area or in the back room? What size are you looking for? Your questions just opens up the door for tons of additional questions. There are about 30 subjects you haven't even addressed in your question that may give you guidance one way or the other. I have expierience roasting and rebuilding both styles so call me and discuss. 650 556- 1333. By the way: the best roaster in the world is standing on 2 feet - and has little or nothing to do with the hunk of steel or tin (as the case may be) of which you are reffering. when you know coffee from the insides out - you can make any roaster do a beautiful job. Just how repeatable it is depends on your ability and powers of observation. We have both syyles for sale at www.coffeetec.com

-- Jay Endres (jay@coffeetec.com), April 15, 2004.

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