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Dear Sir, We have 16 gears of Autur ( EM 70 )With Motor. We buy this gear in 1998. Now today in 2003 all 16 gears having sound in start only like ( Moan sound )only for a second then its o.k till stop. Please send us the Manual of this gear of Autur ( EM 70 )with Reivaj Motor, or tell us the method to solve this problem.....

Yours sincerely,

Mudassir Ahmed Hahsmi ( Executive Engineer ) INDUS ELEVATORS

-- Mudassir Ahmed Hashmi (, July 26, 2003



Last time gearbox oil changed? Grease required on thrust bearing? Motor clipping fields because the bearings are worn out? Loose electrical connections to the motor? Assuming the oil level has been maintained, and the oil's been changed as per the maintainence schedule, and the motor isn't a problem, sounds like a thrust bearing going out, or the thrust bearing nut and lock worked its way loose. The other liklihood would be that the coupling device (usually has the brake drum on it) may have come loose or sheared the woodruff key(s) or the drum locknut came loose. Seeing the motor turn while the drum doesn't is quite disconcerting. Either way, looking is a lot cheaper than having an accident. I don't have any experience with Indian equipment, but most gearmotors are pretty much similar in purpose and implementation. Good Luck. S.

-- steve (, July 27, 2003.

o.k i will check it....thank you.........

-- Mudassir Ahmed Hashmi (, July 29, 2003.

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