Janssen piano????

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Hi there...we have long wanted but couldn't swing a piano for our daughter who takes lessons on a Yamaha keyboard. Someone has offered us a Janssen piano for $400 which sounds like a great deal. She is a friend and says it's in very good condition other than needing to be tuned. Does anyone know anything about this brand? Do you have any thoughts/advice to share?

-- Joan Pentek (pentek@optonline.net), July 25, 2003


I've played a lot of pianos but never come across a Janssen. You might want to ask your daughter's piano teacher if s/he would be willing to make a visit with you to your friend's house to check it out. Trust me - even though $400 is very inexpensive for a piano it won't be such a good deal if you have to do expensive repairs or if it won't hold its tuning (not uncommon in a piano that hasn't been tuned regularly). Ask your friend when the last time she had it tuned was and how often she's had it tuned. Even if it wasn't played very much it should have been tuned about once a year (twice or more is ideal). Good luck, hope it works out :)

-- Kate (jazzpianogirl@yahoo.ca), July 25, 2003.

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