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I am looking for responses from people who own or have rowed a Heritage 15.I am thinking of buying one and will test row one before I buy but I am curious how others like them.

-- Mike (, July 25, 2003


We've owned one from Little River since '96 or '97. It was a relatively new boat for them then, and the '18 foot boat was not available at that time. The 15 footer is fine for one person, but becomes stern heavy with 2 full size adults (140 & 180 lbs). We only have one rowing station, so have never tried tandem, and have never rowed fixed seat. As a single person boat it tracks very well, has never sunk or swamped, is very forgiving of bad rowing technique (with the row-wing unit), and can have the oars set high enough to handle bad chop. I've been in up to 2 foot waves with strong wind, and while unpleasant, the row was dooable. Big boat waves haven't caused a sinking. In Texas, the aluminum pieces get boilerplate hot, which is a problem if you move about. An average rower in this unit can generate as good of speed as a fast amature canoeist in a racing hull. We're very satisifed with the boat, but would prefer a longer boat, and possibly a self bailer.

-- gerald ray (, July 30, 2003.

in my opinion the sliding seat rig and supplied european made carbon fiber 9 foot plus oars grossly overpowered the 15 foot boat. Also the seat carriage was hitting a a middle brace bolt on each slide, and a bolt holding the rigger bracket to the hull came stripped.We removed the center brace for the track as a temporary measure. I found the boat surprisingly stable ( only tried it in calm water) although the seating postion felt high , it was easily driven and I would love to try it in a fixed seat version.

-- harris g (, November 20, 2003.

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