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Anyone know anything about the rave act? Are they really closing and fining vendors?? Aslo, Does this mean the rave scene is over, cause if it is im moving to canada or some other place that has crackin parties. I cant picture the scene over but we need to support the companies and vendors who are in court fighting this law for us... PLUR Pat

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2003


the RAVE ACT is a act that congress is trying to pass that would fine the owners and the companys thrwoing that partys. Not only could they be fined, but also be imprisoned for not more then 9 years, the RAVE ACT holds club owners and promoters responsable if someone were to bring club drugs into the club, even if they did hire security. Not olny does the RAVE ACT affect raves, it affects rock concerts, rap concerts, hell, even country concerts, it pretty much holds the arena/club owners responsable. if someone dies from an overdoes of E, the owner of the club would most likly be fined so high, he would have to declare bankrupts, or be imprisoned. It is a very unfair thing. and we all have to try to stop it. .. PLUR

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2004

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