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Sir I heard from some of my friends that in ponicherry that there is a hospital which cures eye sight problem with the aid of some exercise please let me the address/contact num and e-mail ID so that i can fix an appointment to come over there srinivas

-- srinivas rao mc (, July 21, 2003


Dear srinivas, I am also looking for this site to take my grandson for teatment.I am staying in case you get some details, kindly pass it on to me RANGANATHAN

-- Ranganathan (, September 17, 2003.

The School for Perfect Eyesight attached to Sri Aurobindo Ashram here in Pondicherry is a ray of hope to those suffering from visual defects. The patients have to undergo treatment for a week and follow it up through simple exercises taught in the school. Although the treatment is free one may contribute according to one's own will. The beneficiaries are in the age group 7-40. Strain seems to be the chief cause for refractive errors. The School intends to popularize relaxation as an important and vital part of preventing visual defects. Misuse of the eyes while reading, sewing, watching films has been the cause of the strain in the eyes and headaches. Relaxing exercises might neglect the need for glasses. While glasses help to correct eye defects to some extent and offer relief from headaches and watering of eyes, they do not check deterioration. The power of glasses continues to increase. The patient has to come here prepared for one week stay. One has to arrange one's own accommodation. He may directly contact New Guest House Ph-2343998, 2349553 or International Guest House Ph-2336699 for accommodation. One should also bring along the latest glasses and prescription of the eye doctor.

The list of our books regarding the eye exercises is: 1 MIND AND VISION 2 YOGA FOR PERFECT EYESIGHT 3 OUR EYES If you would like to have them you can contact _eyesight.htm#9

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-- Ranganathan (, September 24, 2003.

as a second opinion you might like to read

-- Muqaabil ((, September 24, 2003.

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