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I have a copy of what looks like a pen and ink drawing or a river with a house on one side and a row boat on the other side. It is signed by J W (I think) Anderson and has an inscription at the top left corner that says "Copywright 1894 by Radtke, Lauckner & Company, N.Y.--It is in a very old frame. I'm wondering if you have any information on this artist. Thank You, Marcia Andrews

-- Marcia Andrews (, July 20, 2003


I, too have similiar print (or pen & ink.) It is clearly signed J. O. Anderson and has the same publisher info on the top left corner, dated 1891. Quite large with a very large Oak frame. House, stream and Lady at a water trough by the stream. In the border, lower left, outside the art work is a picture of a woman on a spinning wheel! From what I can gather from other posts...looks to be the work of an Art school of some sort. Anybody have any more information on the school or the artist? Thanks....Rusty

-- Rusty S (, December 12, 2003.

I also have a lithograph print that is signed by J.O. Andersen. It is a picture of a stream with a church in the distance. It is copywrited 1891 by Ratdte, Lauckner & Company, NY. It is also in a very old frame. Have you received any information regarding the artist?

-- Linda Berg (, December 13, 2003.

My brother just picked up a J.O. Anderson print our of someone's trash,similar copywright, but year is 1890. Mine is also a water scene, but looks more like a bay, with sailboats, a church & other buildings. Beautiful frame with brass trim. Am also looking for more info on this artist, and of course an idea of value (if any)

-- Cynthia Gianfrancesco (, February 01, 2004.

I have one J.O.Anderson, etching print and three E.L.Field etching print. All four prints are done in the same style. The dates are all close. I think they studied together. Look up E.L.Field. There is work by him for sales in Las Vagas. I found E.L. Field.

-- Marge De Rose (, March 20, 2004.

I also have a copy of a pen and ink drawing woth a house and barn, with a gilr standing right of the house. It has a rowboat beached below the house, witha sailboat in the background. Outside of the art work in the border is a penned picture of girl in a rowboat. I am also seeking information as to value(if any)

-- larry St James (, June 04, 2004.

I have a very large J. O. Anderson etching. It is of a dirt road, fence and an old church in the background. It has an original pencil drawing in the border of three cows. The frame is quite ornate. The print is dated 1891. On the back of the matting, is the date and signature of the framer.

-- Bryan Wilson (, June 07, 2004.

I, also, have a J.O. Anderson print by the same publisher dated 1891. Mine has a city in the distance background behind a bay and an old house & road in the foreground. A girl is pushing a wheel barrel of hay along the road. It also has in the ourside lower border a drawing of a woman at a spinning wheel. I would like to obtain a companion print if anyone is interested in selling. I was thrilled to find these answers to this inquiry and would like to be contacted if anyone has any further information about the artist.

-- Patricia Lemont (, December 25, 2004.

I also have one and perhaps two works by this artist. My fiance actually found one of the etchings under another piece of art which was framed over it! Can you imagine! Anyway, I had it reframed and it hangs beautifully over our fireplace. The image is of a country lane alongside a river, which leads to a town in silhouette in the distance. There's a church spire, and on the left side of the picture, on the other side of the river, is a farmhouse. At the bottom, to the left of the artist's signature, is an image of a woman in a dress from the late 1800's hiking through a field. This picture is large. The one I found at a garage sale today is unsigned without any documentation, but looks very similar. It is small, approx. 7 in. high by 20 wide. It looks like it could've been drawn from across the river from the first ethching, as it's along a smaller lane, with the town on the opposite bank. There's a church in town, which looks just like the one in my larger etching. But alas, no other info on artist, other than I love the work!

-- Mary Dresser (, March 05, 2005.

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