Ex-Tennessee Central line from Harriman to Crossville, TN

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Back in 1968 the Southern acquired a 35 mile segment of the former Tennessee Central Railway between Harriman and Crossville. When this occured which division/subdivision was this trackage assigned to?

Also, the trackage from Crab Orchard to Crossville has since been abandoned. When was this trackage abandoned?

Finally, what division/subdivision is the remaining Harriman/Rockwood trackage assigned to?


Drew Thompson

-- Drew Thompson (drewthompson@froggy103.zzn.com), July 20, 2003


When the Tnnessee Central was shut down, the segment between Nashville and Crossville was assigned to the Illinios Central and the segment between Crossville and Harriman Junction was given to the Southern R R.

Later the Nashville segment was given to the Nashville and Eastern. Just before this was done, the line was torn up between Monterey and Crossville. The segment between Crossville and Harriman Junction is alive and well including the trackage between Crab Orchard and Crossville. This being the Southern R R.

If I can help further, let me know.

-- Everett Brock (march723@aol.com), October 24, 2003.

For the record, this isn't all quite right. The old Tennessee Central was divided three ways:

Harriman Junction to Crossville: Southern Nashville to Cookeville: L&N and later Nashville & Eastern Nashville to Hopkinsville, KY.: ICG with successors

Jeff Wilson

-- Jeff Wilson (trains@hermitage.com), December 29, 2003.

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