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Hi Eric,

I'm running several Win 2k servers, including a win 2k adv, sql 2000 server with dual 2.4 GHz P4, raid 5 and 6GB RAM. I just updated all servers to SP 4 and suddenly the win 2k adv db server is seems to be experiencing much higher than normal cpu usage causing the system to be very slow to respond. Normally the cpu on the db runs between 1-10% unless it's handling a scheduled task. Now it's running between 20-80% and spiking out at 100% at times. The only running applications are SQL 2000 and taskmgr.

I'm looking for help on how to diagnose this problem and bring my previous level of performance back.

Thank you.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2003



It seems that a lot of people are having slowness issues with the Win 2k SP 4 update.

I have 3 suggestions for you to try, in this order:

1. Run sp_updatestats for the databases on the server. (One person writes that this fixed his problems.)

2. Reverse the SP 4 install. (For this to be possible, you must have selected the backup option when installing SP 4.)

3. Contact Microsoft PSS (Product Support and Services). They are at (800) 936-5800 (Option 2). Have a credit card ready. More than likely though, it is a Microsoft bug, and your PSS fee will be refunded.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, July 20, 2003

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