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I currently have 640 mi. on my 2002 mv and been keeping revs below 6000. I've installed the rg3 exhaust, and am interested in everyone's take on engine break in and rpm limits. Trying to do it by the book, but interested in your real world riding experiences. Thanks David Atlanta

-- david tuyes (twoyes@mindspring.com), July 19, 2003


Hey David, still want those mv leathers I have? Met you last weekend at blood mountain. Remember, sold my 02 silver mv...

-- mike (msoucy@deflaw.com), July 20, 2003.


I just finished the engine break-in of my EVO3, i suggest you to follow the manual instructions regarding the revs, and just sometimes when the engine is hot, i passed the break in revs of 1000 / 1500.

I have to say that after the full break in of 2500 Km. i felt rather unhappy about the engine performance, as i begin to "thrash" the engine it felt rather slow under 8000 Rpm. So i changed the sprocket for gaining acceleration, without great success. Than after a 600 Km. run (so i passed 3000 Km) the engine changed drastically! it seems another motorcycle, now with the first gear in the front wheel comes up at 8500 Rpm.

I think this is just because the engine starts getting compression, i heard from other MV owners that this happens, but i really didn't think the change was so sudden and the difference would be so great.

I suggest you to follow properly the break-in without thrash the engine, be patient, the engine will give you great satisfaction after that!

Cheers, Paolo.

-- Paolo (v_boost@hotmail.com), July 21, 2003.

The same here. I followed the manual to the letter, and until 2500 miles it felt a bit disappointing. Then, what seemed like overnight, it really loosened up and came alive. Now (just rolled over 7000 miles) it feels really strong.

-- Brad Cowell (bcowell@sbcglobal.net), July 21, 2003.

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