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Who are this company? Some friends have had a letter from them, inviting them to ring them. They owe no money to anyone. Should they make contact?


-- Theodore Patrick Saunders (theodore5@btopenworld.com), July 18, 2003


No they should not ring.

Regardless of whether your friends allegedly owe money or not, they should not ring.

What your friends should do is the following:

1. Accept that mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers and brokers, through mistakes, mis-selling, or dishonesty, can put your friends into a position where there is an *alleged* debt.

2. Prepare to deal with the consequences of that. Which they should do by reading the Do's and Don'ts section of this site.

Absolutely do not return calls of this nature. Read the site and note the other methods used to establish contact and do not succumb to them.

Good luck.

-- Lee (repossession@home-repo.org), July 19, 2003.

I think the response to this question is really bad advice. It gives the impression the company is operating some sort of scam without making it clear what it is or what ghastly thing will happen to you if you do call back. And what does all that stuff about "accepting the consequences" mean?

AS a result of it I didn't call the company back for a while and got very anxious. A friend said why not call them and see what it's all about. What can they do to you over the phone? Which would have been my response. When I did call them it turned out they were looking for someone else with the same name and it was all cleared up in a couple of seconds.

-- Cathy Cooper (cathygcooper@yahoo.co.uk), August 21, 2003.

I fully support Lee's response to this question. Tracing Agents, Debt Collectors, etc. can do a lot of damage over the telephone, i.e. tell you all sorts of lies that you will be blacklisted, will never own a property again, will never get yourself out of this, will be dragged through Court, need I go on. I would never, ever contact a company of this sort by telephone, if they are desperate to get in touch they will put all of this to you in writing, the only reason a lot of these companies want you to call is so they can prove that you are residing at the address.

-- Chris (chris@anon.co.uk), August 21, 2003.

I guess I'm too old and too cynical. I've read Cathy's response a few times and can only reach two conclusions. Either she is in debt and has just been traced or, alternatively, she is associated in some way with the company being discussed. I go with the majority vote - keep well clear.

-- Brian Mitchell (pridegreen@ntlworld.com), August 21, 2003.

I have done some checking out trying to find out about this company.

They are not registered at companies house,nor with the information commissioner.

It appears it could be a sudor name possibly for debt tracing, i have seen tracers pretend to be parcel delivery companies before now - what is their telephone number?

Damage can be done over the phone, for instance confirming you live at the address!


-- who (who@idontwanttosay.com), August 22, 2003.

We have also received a letter from these people but it was not addressed to us. Instead it was addressed to "The Occupier". On this basis I conclude that they are some company trying to make contact with a wider customer base for some unknown reason - therefore as I don't know them they won't get to know me either.

-- j cox (none@given.com), August 22, 2003.

There are actually a company called First Credit Management who are (quote from their website) 'one of the UKs leading providers of Debt Collection and Tracing services.' Further info: http://www.firstcredit.co.uk/site/index.htm

-- DC (xens3xc1@hotmail.com), September 03, 2003.

My partner received a letter from this company this morning but he does not owe any money. We are not contacting them - if they want to find him, let them do some work for their money.

-- Kit Kat (no@sorry.com), October 07, 2003.

March 2004 and they are still sending the letters. Made me very anxious. Having read the answers above I agree with the majority & will ignore it. Thanks!

-- APickering (askawp@yahoo.co.uk), March 23, 2004.

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