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What is the Woolf Reform of 1999 all about?

I have been in discussions for 11 years with firstly the Abbey National and then EVERSHEDS (ghastly people)

They keep asking me to fill out a financial declaration and I have been advised in the past not to do this, should I carry on ignoring their requests for the completed Finacial Declaration of fill it in and be done with it

I have offered 1,500 by credit card, cos thats all i've got, should I retract this and say 'take me to court'?

Mr Well and Mrs Truly Tuckedup

-- Mr Well and Truly Tuckedup (, July 17, 2003


Dear well and Truly

Have you admitted liability and if so when??

When did you first default? When was the house reposessed and then sold? When did they first contact you re the shortfall after the house was sold ? Is there a MJO?

Have you SARN'd them?

Have they proven the debt by providing all the relevent documents (see do's and dont's)

How much is the shortfall?

Consider your assets...or lack of them but don't detail them on the site as the Abbey read the site too. If you can only pay by credit card I think you should reconsider your position as effectively if this is your only way to get cash your financial position is not a good one. Why get yourself in to more debt. E mail me direct if you wish. It might not be in compliance with the terms of your credit card agreement to pay off a debt with your card but I might be wrong.

Do try and read the info on the site and then come back and give us more info but be careful what you disclose.

I'm sure some of the others will keep you right.

Good luck


-- moira (, July 17, 2003.

Hi Mr well and truly Tucked upbytheabbey we seem to have the same name! (as i am sure do millions of others). Same situation only it was my Husband and his ex who owned the house and not me but it makes no difference as we have been pursued on and off for the last 13 years and she hasnt as they cant find her. We also have been asked to complete a means form so they can see we have no money to give them but i have been told in the Q+A part of this site that once Eversheds have your employment details even your national insurance number they can apply for an attachment to your earnings. We have done nothing as yet and even if we won the lottery tomorrow i would trather give it to a stranger than give any money to the Abbey. The have insurance for these things and can poke it where the sun doesnt shine. For anyone working for Eversheds who is reading this we dont know how you sleep in your beds at night. I hope it helps to know you are not alone in your plight.

Regards Debbie Wellandtrulytuckedupbytheabbeyandeversheds.

-- deddie dibble (, September 19, 2003.

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