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Hi guys...

Am in the process of compiling known tracklogs of bike trails or walking trails around the Klang Valley (and beyond). This is part of a small non-profit initiative I am running called the "Green Map" (you can have a sneak preview of what I am buidling here: -- which aims to map out the nature trails around the Klang Valley (and beyond, one day).

I have got some of my own that I am contributing, and am on the lookout for others. Joe A has contributed some very useful logs of trails he has explored, especially around the Gombak forests. To make efficient use of our time, I would like to compile the known tracks first and then focus on those trails that do not have any information about them.

If you would like to contribute any tracklogs, do send it to me in a comma delimited text file (*.txt), tracklog (*.plt), giving me your name and email. All contributions will be acknowledged, and we will think through how we can make this information available in a sensible way.



-- Reza (, July 17, 2003

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