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I have several questions about modeling the ACL during the post war period up until 1966.

1. What color orange paint is used for the orange caboose, wither Badger Model Flex or Poly Scale?

2. What Decal company makes the correct orange caboose decals that say in Black letters, "Thanks for using Coast Line"?

3. What Decal company makes the correct decals for the early red caboose?

4. What is the correct yellow paint for the black diesel engines, also Badger or Polly Scale?

Any help I can get on these questions, I sure would appreciate.

Thanks, Bob Meeks

-- Bob Meeks (, July 16, 2003


Bob, Did you work for GE,Neutron Devices Dept., or a family member? I was there from 1963 to 1993 and knew someone of that name there, but didn't know that he was an ACL fan! Regards, Paul

-- Paul Coe (, July 17, 2003.

Bob, regarding the first 3, our catalog carries the correct orange caboose paint from Pollyscale, our catalog # P-5. We also carry decals sets for the caboose lettering. Two sets have the correct black "TFUCL" slogan lettering, the Champ ACL steel caboose set (our catalog D-14) and the Microscale wood and steel caboose set (our catalog D-13). The same Microscale set also has all the necessary lettering for the wood cabooses, both the normal red scheme and the one-of-a-kind white caboose (No. 0268). The Microscale set is one of the most comprehensive and accurate ones I've seen.

Hope someone else can help with your 4th question -

-- Larry Goolsby (, July 16, 2003.

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