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I would be grateful if you could give me some info/advice on buying a used F4S. I am looking at 2000 models possibly 2001. I've seen a 2000 with just under 1000 miles. Is there any webpage you could point me to that lists the things I should look out for i.e. factory work, service recall upgrades, etc.

I am in the UK and would appreciate an idea from UK listers of what servicing would cost? Are we talking mega-money like on Ducatis? I do most of the servicing on my Blade at present so am fairly competent with mechanics.

-- Andy Lian (, July 15, 2003



Go to the MV Owners Club of Great Britain site:-

...where there's a list of all of the recalls.

Apart from setting the fuel injection, I've heard from an ex-Three Cross mechanic that the bikes are very easy to work on and need very few special tools. Indeed, the limited work I've done has borne this out as the bodywork, seat unit & tank come off very easily and access to the mechanicals is then pretty straightforward - infinitely easier than a Honda V4!

Good luck!

-- Senna 026 (, July 15, 2003.

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