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I have chickens that are only 3 months old they are starting to lay already. They are Gold Commets. The Aracanas are not laying yet. But is it too eary to give them calcium ( oyster shells or layer crumble ) Since everyone is not ready?

-- Sam (, July 14, 2003


I think it's ok to start putting out some oyster shell for them now. Somehow they seem to know if they need it or not. I've never had any problems w/ it. I keep a separate feeder w/ oyster shell in it and they can pick at it as they please. Glenda from the National Poultry News says you should add a little apple cider vineger to their water to help them utilize the calcium. look under the articles there.

Great little quarterly paper and a good resource. Cheap too.

-- John in S. IN (, July 17, 2003.

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