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I have a 3 month old pullet who has developed a bump on her head above her left eye. The growth appeared about a month ago and is about the size of a small grape and is firm to the touch. The growth does not make contact with her eye and her vision remains excellent. She eats well and is active and friendly, with no other apparent health problems. No other birds in my small flock have ever had such a growth and I am puzzled. I got an indepth book on chicken health from the library but found no reference to such a growth. I am guessing it is a benign tumor and will prove to be only a problem cosmetically, but am relying on your combined experience to make sure I am not overlooking anything.

-- Carolyn (, July 13, 2003


I'm not an expert on chickens by any means, but have seen that type of bump/growth on other animals and I would bet that you're right about it being a benign tumor.

-- Deena in GA (, July 14, 2003.

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