I found a great Company for stopping Pop-ups

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I tried these people, and it really does work. Helped me out tremendously. I received this in my e-mail. I hope this helps if they bother you as much as as they bother me.

"At RedV Network, we know you are tired of the endless pop-up windows cluttering your desktop. We know this because we surf the Internet too!

So, we gave our engineers a challenge: come up with the Internet's BEST pop-up protection software. The result after months of work:

RedV PopUpProtector! ** NEW 2.5 **

"RedV PopUpProtector successfully blocked every ad we came across, and it never prevented us from opening legitimate windows." -Smart Computing

Get RedV PopUpProtector v2.5 and put an end to those pesky web pop-ups!

Check it out at http://redv1.com/products/pop/index.asp?DF=POPNNF&A=15921&CT=Popuphelp&Promo=072003Sunday

RedV PopUpProtector is the best solution for: - All the pop-ups and pop-under ads - New windows jumping out of the blue - Not being able to close your browser - Dozens of browser windows on your desktop

RedV PopUpProtector stops ALL of the annoying pop-up windows that make your surfing a nightmare!

RedV PopUpProtector works amazingly well! Take a look at what you get with RedV PopUpProtector v2.0:

- ** Now supports MSN Explorer, AOL and Netscape - the ONLY popup protector to support all 3 browsers! - ** Now kills AOL advertising popup windows within AOL application

- ** Improved SmartSense Technology - even better detection of advertising popups

- ** Now kills pop-ups from non-browser applications, such as: ** KaZaA Morpheus Gator Bearshare Net2Phone Grokster LimeWire Rosoft CD Extractor NeoNapster

- RedV PopUpProtector has an option to kill every single "popping" window that web sites throw at you.

- RedV PopUpProtector has a totally unique SmartSense technology that intelligently discovers which pop-up windows you want to see and which pop-up windows are ads and should be killed. It literally "thinks" for you!

- RedV PopUpProtector is the BEST-supported, the most user-friendly pop-up protector on the market!

- RedV PopUpProtector comes with a complete, no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee!

BEST YET: RedV PopUpProtector v2.0 is now ON SALE at 50% off its regular price until Sunday, July 20, 2003!!

Check it out at http://redv1.com/products/pop/index.asp?DF=POPNNF&A=15921&CT=Popuphelp&Promo=072003Sunday

And we promise to NOT pop any windows on you!

Thank you for your support from all of us at RedV Network!"

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), July 12, 2003


redV pop-up protector is fine as long as it works or you don't care that they won't provide support when you have a problem

-- arthur kohn (arthurkohn@sbcglobal.net), July 25, 2003.

I love PopUpProtector. It works Great and has not caused me any problems on my system... Thanks guys who ever invented this program

-- John Smith (davidredick@hotmail.com), July 28, 2003.

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