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I own a two story building with an Elser freight elevator installed in 1962. It is the only elevator in the building. We want to utilize it to provide ADA accessible accomodations with a staff member operating the elevator. We were told that since it is a freight elevator we cannot do this.

I'm curious what differentiates a freight elevator from a service elevator. If we always had someone on hand to operate the doors I'm not sure I understand the difference. What am I missing?

Thanks, John

-- john (, July 12, 2003


In my district, one major dif is how it is initially classed. You class it as a freight with a big sign no passengers then no passengers. Anything can be retrofitted to be another class but the cost is up there. Many safety devices are missing in freights. A sugestion may be to install a handicap lift

-- elev guy (, July 16, 2003.

Hi John,

I know for a fact that this has been addressed in other locations and the end result being that if you don't tell they (the enforcement authority)don't ask. No one wants someone injured, but it sounds as though you are making every effort to accommodate the handicapped employee and keep them from harms way. I commend you for that. Any state or local jurisdiction coming out against a common sense solution to an ADA issue where there is a clear need would be looking for a fight from the local news agencies. Good luck

-- James Holder (, July 16, 2003.

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