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Thanks to all the family on this forum who have helped a great deal over the last twelve months,whose support and comfort and most of all valuable information,that even had the solicitors/barrister and district judge at hearings on s/d set aside left speechless.

I am almost home and my special thanks go to Mark, Guy, Lee, Chris and many more to mention ,i will always cherish your kind help and support during the most vunerable time of my life and will endeavour to help when posted with a problem by our family forum that we have and hope to contribute a lump sum within the comming weeks, so that we can all help the on going development of this forum help the rest also resolve their misfortune.

i will keep you posted on the completion

Finally "MARK" you are one in a million,and i promise no more e-mails, joking keep in touch

luv to all


-- Mohammed (, July 11, 2003



Congratulations! Really happy for you and I say "hear hear " to all your comments re Mark, Guy etc!

Many of us would be lost without them and I'm sure they'll be blessed for all their good deeds (sounds corny but I really mean it!)

Go on now and enjoy your life!

All the very best!


-- moira (, July 11, 2003.

Well done Mohammed, really, really pleased for you. With all these settlements coming through it seems that finally and hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Everybody here is a tremendous support and so it is always great to give something back when you find something out.

All the very best xx

-- Chris (, July 14, 2003.

Wonderful news Mohammed!!!!!!! Your sentiments regarding a "family" are lovely and so true. In the light of the family one can almost feel sorry for the soulless individuals that one has to deal with in these cases. I wouldn't want to make my money by what is in my opinion 'legally stealing' from people would you?

Have a happy life and take great care of yourself and your family..

-- Joy Harker (, July 15, 2003.

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