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My lender has advised they have completed their own internal investigation and of course found they have done everything appropriately...surprise surprise... they have rejected my F & F offer and want several thousand off me. They say they are no longer prepared to communicate with me and if I want to complain to the FO to go ahead.

I've done all the arguing re the underselling of the house and the mis selling of the MIG, I've done all the sarning, and although I've argued they haven't provided everything they say they have etc

If I complain to the FO will I realistically achieve anything??

What is my next move or do I do nothing until I start getting nasty letters or statutory demands???

Any advice is appreciated.


-- notwhat next saying (skint45@aol.com), July 11, 2003


I need more info before I cant comment, have they provided you with strict proof of claim? I wouldnt do anything until they issue a Claim with the courts. When was the house repo'd, is it within the 12 years? has anyone unknowingly admitted liability by communcation or other agreements? are you employed, self employed? etc.............

-- Neil (neilaw_uk@yahoo.co.uk), July 11, 2003.

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