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How much was this line used by SAL? I would assume it was just local traffic. At some time after the merger, the line was cut between Poston and Palmetto, SC, leaving just a branch line from Florence. What was the industry (or industries here) that necessitated this portion of the line being kept in service?

-- Bryan Russell (, July 10, 2003


That line was cut from Poston back to Pamplico South Carolina. Subsequently Seaboard System abandoned the entire line with a little bit of rail being left for an industrial park near Florence airport.There is still a concrete trestle across highway 76 bearing the old Seaboard Air line name which all that remains of the branch. The biggest customer on the branch for Pamplico was a lumber business and cement. Many areas of the old branch can be seen around Pamplico and at Poston. Their was a wye at Poston.The line also used to cross just at Kingsburg South Carolina on Highway 378. you can still see if you look hard the old right of way even though it is grown with weeds and trees.

-- Gregory Blanton (Lawbench, July 20, 2003.

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