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Hi everyone, sorry this message is anon, but I have my reasons! I am in the middle of negotiating a settlement with my building society and because it is still in the very early stages (and they were being quite cooperative) I haven't SARNed them yet.

I have just made another offer, but a couple of things have come up which I am not happy about and I want to get the real truth (not the crap that they tell me in their letters). Is it too late to send a SARN? and will it affect the negotiation process?

Thanks for all your help,


-- M (, July 10, 2003



You can SARN anybody (if they are a data controller), anywhere ( in the UK) at any time. Hard to say about the negotitiation process, but I would say that yes it would affect it, and possibly in a downwards direction. But if the information you receive from the SARN is benefical to you then you could be in a win win situation.

-- John (, July 10, 2003.

I feel the same as John (previous posting)...but ....maybe you need to to re assess the situation.

If you have no assets they can't take what you don't have...have you admitted liability?

You could post more info and not disclose the exact amounts of shortfall/settlement offers or the name of the's difficult to advise when we don't know the "full" ish story.

Most of us don't mind if you want to e mail direct to us if you feel you might jeopardise your situation by saying too much on the site.

Good luck !


-- moira (, July 10, 2003.


If you are achieving the result , then believe me you dont start digging graves as it will effect and give you perhaps months of more stress and pain is it worth that, i dont think so,get your deal and move on.

I am at this very stage awaiting for a draft acceptance offer on a shortfall of approx 72k as a whole and have tried every trick in the book and legal aid/solicitors/barristers and they will all take you to the gallows and then dump you.

sorry about the long winded answer,but as moira says if you have assets dont even go their.


-- Mohammed (, July 11, 2003.

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