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Hello everybody. Just to let you know that Andrea Mazzali, after having race with a private F4 SPR "standard" in 2001, is now testing the F4 1000, and just won a race in Austria (Zeltweg) in a SBK trophy. Apparently the main problem it has is that the power is...TOO MUCH ans gives problems between the tyre and the magnesium wheel (!!!) The F4 Mille will be at Milan Salon in september 2003, and ready for sale on early 2004. For more info : www.mazzaliracing.org I will order it!!! Wow! Ciao Carlo

-- Carlo (carlom@silverseacruises.com), July 09, 2003


Great wow zowee everyone send in your money. Hurry - oh and by the way buy 2 because there wont be any parts for them either.! If anyone out there in MV land knows where i can get a waterpump kit for my MV (2000) please let me know its been 4 months now and my wall hanger is getting pretty dusty. Ciao Bimota Bob

-- bob burdick (rlburdick@yahoo.com), July 09, 2003.

WaahoOoo!!! Yes!! Yes!!! Only two more months before we see the F4 Mille!

Okay, my 2002 MV's offically for sale (well, it's been for sale for the past month -I'm selling either the R1 or the MV). With a F4 about a year away, I won't feel so bad like the F4S go. :)


-- Allan Gibbs (Phx, Az) (Agibbs996@aol.com), July 09, 2003.

Oh bugger! Any news on pricing? Should I get an F4 now or wait until December???

-- koolkav (kavinandi@hotmail.com), July 09, 2003.

koolkav, realistically, I don't think we'll see a F4 Mille in showrooms until mid-2004 or later. I think MV will probably do a F4 Mille Oro in the $40K+ price range and then a regualr F4 Mille S in the $22-$25K price range.

My guess, based on MV's past production schedules (and they've still got a lot of SPR, Brutale, and F4S catching up to do) is that a person first on the F4 Mille S list would get his bike in early 2005!

-- Allan Gibbs (Phx, Arizona) (Agibbs996@aol.com), July 09, 2003.

Bob, shut up with the negativity and just sell the mv if you are unsatisfied. No room here for your vibe.

-- bill (mv@dfg.com), July 09, 2003.

I read the F4 mille have the same look of the F4 750 , or not?

-- Maximo Diaz (maximodiaz2@entelchile.net), July 09, 2003.

Hey Bill - negativity - how do you sell a bike that doesent run because you cant get parts for it. Hook a rope on it and tow it around the town with the buyer on it telling him how great it is. Wake up, some day its going to happen to you.I just thought that by now someone could explain how to get parts, simple ones, I dont know where you shop but here in the USA all you get is the runnaround and excuses.Ive called almost every dealer for a waterpump rebuild kit they all say is out there but isnt available ???

-- bob burdick (rlburdick@yahoo.com), July 10, 2003.

I agree, MV's are great bikes and usually quite reliable too. Some people tend to hide their head in the sand as far as the after sales service issue. The truth is that dealers all over the world have huge backlogs of spare orders which are not being supplied by MV either because they are in short supply or that suppliers closed the taps till they see some cash from MV or that MV them selves are demanding cash upfront from the dealers for those spares.

In any event all those of us that their bikes are running are taliking of "bashing" while those frustrated because their machines are idle are rightfully screaming. Although we hear every thing is well with the factory, things ain't yet.

What I suggest to those who need spares urgently, and do it now before August when Italy goes to sleep, is send an angry fax to MV, like I did when I needed a clutch lever, and hopefully they will respond and sent the part pronto to your local dealer who you need to contact to warn him a part is arriving for you.Warning you may have to pay the shipping, a small price to pay to be riding again.

-- dan (pril@voicenet.uk.net), July 10, 2003.

Hmm, for some reasons I never too many problems with getting parts.

-- aspinner (agusta_spinner@hotmail.com), July 10, 2003.

Dan Thanks for he reply and if you can forward the e-mail address or the way to get in contact with MV it would be greatly apprecieated. I love my bike and just want to ride. I just need help getting parts. Thanks again Bob

-- Bob (rlburdick@yahoo.com), July 10, 2003.

Bob- To both your points: I received 3k worth of parts in only four weeks and some time later, I sold my mv no problem. Nuff said.

Seriously, I agree with Bill, sell the bike if it irks you so much.....

-- mike (msoucy@deflaw.com), July 10, 2003.

Well maybe there is a god. Moto Fix in Conn (Rob 203- 845- 8888) called and said they have recieved parts from the distributor and that my waterpump is 10 days out.They said the distributer is now on line and seam to be sending parts out now. For you guys out there having problems give them a call or maybe your shop can get parts now on line through the dist. Ill give you an update as to how it goes. Bob

-- bob (rlburdick@yahoo.com), July 11, 2003.

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