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did anyone compare the sil exhaust with the original, does it give more power and does it help below and in midrange? I hope it does not make too much noise, i heard it at stationary and it sounded nice

-- Servranckx Stephen (, July 09, 2003


well the silmoto exhaust, i have one on my 2000 mv, polised stainlees pipes, looks good, maybe bordering on two loud , 5 bhp increase over stock with power commander mapped to suit. not much more to say it fits well and did not cost the earth.#

best of luck andy finch

-- andrew finch (, July 15, 2003.

Andrew Where did youu get your power commander and custom mapping done ? I originally had silmoto carbon pipes but reverted to stock as the low end running was very poor.

-- Daryl yemm (, July 15, 2003.

Hello MV owners, I have fitted a silmotor carbon exhaust to my 2000 F4 and a BB Power eprom (made in germany). With this combination, the engine is less "empty" in the mid range and a little bit more powerful on top (5 or 6 hp I think). The engine is still uneven under 5.000 revs, but the MV F4 is not intended to run at low revs, it is a sports machine! In fact, for me the best advantage of the Silmotor exhaust is the gain of 4 kgs approx and the temperature gain under the pilot seat. The stock finish can be made better by hand polishing the stainless steel tubes and the aluminium end cones. The only drawback is that it is very loud and that you must be very carefull with the police. If you intend to drive a long trip at sustained speed, you will need earplugs because the noise is painful at high revs.Bur for me, I prefer to be outlaw and be recognized by the car drivers (they ear the machine and know that I am coming).

Bye Herve

-- HERVE MAHEO (, July 18, 2003.

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