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Hi folks, I just thought I'd share a quick, cheap and easy way to clean your camelbak bladders. A while back mine has all the yucky algae stuffs in the folds, tubes and all the hard to reach places. It seems the more I scrub the worst it gets. Then a friend suggested using denture cleaners that you can just buy from any pharmacy. The pill type is more expensive so I use the Steradent powder type. Cost RM7-8 per bottle. Fill up your bladder with warm water throw in the powder/pill and soak overnite. You'll be amazed. Since its safe for dentures it'll be safe for your drinking water.

-- allen (, July 08, 2003


I know some people who have never cleaned their camelbaks of the green growth. It must be their secret ingredient for superhuman strength. Try it. You never know.

-- jmz (, July 09, 2003.

Brilliant tip, allen. Can I include it in the Techtips Page?

A few years ago I used to store my camelbak bladder in a diluted solution of mouthwash - peppermint flavour was fairly unobjectionable. Now, I've trained the domestic help to drain and dry the bladder after every ride ;-) Bliss!

-- Joe (, July 10, 2003.

Store the bladder in the freezer compartment when not using it. Cold stops all the nastys from growing & it doesnt harm the rubber in any way. I've kept mine in there like this for >2yrs & it's still like new.

-- Phil (, July 29, 2003.

I would say the freezer method is the way to go! One word of caution: remember to thaw the bladder under running water before unrolling it..i've shattered my rock hard bladder once. And washing the outside before dumping it into the freezer would be useful..frozen mud and clay is kinda hard to clean. Wish Kelvinator would come up with antimud.

-- Ong (, September 23, 2003.

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