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I've done an extensive search for Southern Railway passenger cars and have found aprox. 75 cars so far. My question is, does anyone have a list of Southern passenger cars at TVRM ? The only one that I could come up with was their "Travelers Fare". Thanks everyone. RDC

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (, July 08, 2003


Try contacting them through their website at They could probably provide a roster of what they have on hand.

-- Fred Williams (, July 10, 2003.

Fred, I've visited their web site many times and have yet found a roster list. That's why I've posted my question on this web site. Thanks for the suggestion. rdc

-- Robert D Cashwell (, July 10, 2003.

Sometimes, you just have to ask. Today I recieved a e-mail from the TVRM in respose to my search. Thanks Fred. rdc

-- Robert D. Cashwell (, July 11, 2003.

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